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Our business is making customers happy and content, providing them with effective, specialist window cleaning throughout Soho, W1 at rates, difficult to resist. No other company can beat us in terms of commitment, integrity and professionalism. We have years of experience in this trade and aim at providing bespoke services, designed to suit customers’ individual needs. You can choose between fortnightly or monthly sessions. Don’t need regular window maintenance? No problem, schedule an appointment for a one-off visit by our reliable and vetted cleaners.

We are at customers’ disposal from Monday to Sunday. Appointments are easy and convenient. Just grab the phone and dial our number or fill in the service form below!

Window Cleaning Prices



  • One Bedroom Flat£17£40
  • Two Bedroom House£25£50
  • Three Bedroom House£30£70
  • Four Bedroom House£45£75
  • Five Bedroom House£60£100
  • Six Bedroom House£70£125

Window Cleaning Services Soho

Professional Window Cleaning

If you are not a fan of cleaning your windows and wish there was someone to do it for you, then call our company. We are a cleaning services contractor and we will help you. Our cleaners will clean your windows for you, thus saving you time, energy and money. Trust us and call us now, our window cleaning service available everywhere in Soho, W1.

Windows can collect a variety of dust and grime and they should be cleaned regularly if you want them to look flawless and amazingly clean. Plus, clean windows will always make a good impression on people. Give us a call now and let our cleaners be the ones taking care of your windows.

Thanks for squeezing me in. It means a lot to me. As a whole, I’m impressed with your window cleaning program. I don’t know how it eliminates the toughest grime but I’m pretty sure it involves magic. I appreciate what you’ve done for me. – Conner

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    Window Cleaners W1

    Window Cleaning

    No home or office looks ideally clean unless windows are spotless. You might put a lot of efforts into dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing, but neglecting window cleaning means half of your efforts are ruined.

    According to many people, window cleaning is not a pleasant task, but you can always rely on our assistance. All Soho, W1 – based residents can count on a team of experienced, well-equipped window cleaning experts who never tolerate mediocre results. Our company is famous for providing top quality and fantastic price rates, so go ahead and book the most convenient time slot.

    Professional Window Cleaning Services in Soho, W1

    Window Cleaning Services

    Our window cleaning service is one-of-a-kind here in Soho, W1, give us a call and hire our expert cleaners to help you with your window cleaning chore now. We also have budget friendly prices and are flexible with appointments.

    Our cleaners will make sure all grease, grime, fingerprints and dust are gone from your windows. They use special equipment that allows them to ideally clean the dirtiest corners on your tallest windows. Feel free to call us for an appointment now. We will show you why we are the best. Our window cleaning service is unequalled in town. Give us a call now, we promise you long-lasting results and affordable prices.