Domestic Cleaning Services

quality cleaning south east londonGiven the fast paced lifestyle that has been imposed on us by contemporary life we often tend to overlook elementary chores needed to be done at home, like the most of the rudimentary tasks, such as mopping or vacuuming floors, doing the dishes or the laundry.
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That is why we stand to offer our services as a house cleaning company in order to lift some of the weight off your shoulders. Our services include coverage of tasks starting from the most elementary and standard procedures, such as:
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  • the aforementioned dishes
  • laundry
  • mopping
  • dusting

We also offer more comprehensive cleaning services that go in depths that some people never even consider.

End of Tenancy Cleaning
Studio flat £94 £79
One Bedroom Property £133 £113
Two Bedroom Property £154 £145
Three Bedroom Property £177 £167
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Hallway/ Landing carpet £11 £10
Armchair £20 £18
Bedroom carpet £22 £20
Living/ Dining room carpet £29 £26
Two seat sofa £33 £30
Hourly Based Services
Domestic Cleaning £18 £16
One Off Cleaning £18 £16
Deep Cleaning £20 £18

Our domestic cleaning service costs just £13/h!

dcleaningLet us spend a little while to look at what we have to offer as a cleaning service company that claims the top position amongst the competition around.

The main reason we diverge from most companies is because we have developed and follow strict policies towards our working process that ensure only the best of results in our line of work.

We spend a great deal of time researching any new product that comes to the market and train our employees as many as times needed in order for them to be at alert of any new trends or methods in our line of work. Thus it is needless to say that our employees are highly professional individuals who have devoted a great deal of time to their work.

Every building has its own specifics but none could create a problem for our services. We cover anything:

  • small apartments
  • big houses
  • villas
  • mansions
  • offices
  • office buildings
  • warehouses
  • factories

Our services come affordable and are executed swiftly while still achieving impeccable results. We offer flexible working hours so that we may not intrude in your daily schedule or planned vacations. If you desire you could even simply drop off a key for the place at our office and not even be there while the desired service is executed.
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