Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is the most comprehensive procedure that the cleaning industry has to offer. Its aim is to dispense with all traces of dirt and dilapidation. The deep cleaning service we provide in London is great value for money and aims to satisfy everyone’s needs and cover his expectations. It consists:
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  • dusting of all surfaces
  • dusting of the insides of cupboards and such
  • vacuum each room
  • vacuum each piece of the furniture
  • matrasses and upholstery will be vacuumed as well.
  • mop the floors or clean them by hand
  • cleaning the insides and outsides of the windows
  • rendering the kitchen to it’s hygienic state
  • thoroughly bathroom cleaning

Suitable for new properties as well as for maintaining current ones. Prices from just £14/h!

End of Tenancy Cleaning
Studio flat £94 £79
One Bedroom Property £133 £113
Two Bedroom Property £154 £145
Three Bedroom Property £177 £167
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Hallway/ Landing carpet £11 £10
Armchair £20 £18
Bedroom carpet £22 £20
Living/ Dining room carpet £29 £26
Two seat sofa £33 £30
Hourly Based Services
Domestic Cleaning £18 £16
One Off Cleaning £18 £16
Deep Cleaning £20 £18

We are able to provide the cleaning detergents and equipment for additional price of £18 for deep cleaning and domestic cleaning. We are not providing them for the regular cleaning.

deep cleaningMoving to a new place hides more risks that you might realize. In case the area has not been inhabited in a while, you should know that in order to not compromise your health, as well as that of your family, a very thorough and comprehensive cleaning will be required. This cleaning will quite naturally require both expertise and equipment which most people do not have at their disposal.

A place that is not regularly maintained becomes a fertile ground for dust and grime quite easily, and even such outlandish things as unpleasant odors show up very soon. You can slave away in your attempts to get rid of these traces of dilapidation on your own, but even if you put all your energy and time into this, it is quite possible that you will achieve absolutely nothing. However, hiring our cleaning agency for what is professionally referred to as a ‘deep cleaning’ is guaranteed to restore your home to its previous condition in no time.

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best-choice-stickerThe whole process will take some time to conclude, between four and six hours possible. You are free to not be present. Maybe you can come by our office in the morning and drop your keys so that our staff can take care of the place while you are busy at work. Indeed, most people go for this option, as the deep cleaning procedure is very thorough, and being present while it takes place would simply not leave you any space to occupy.

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