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Windows need regular washing and rinsing to be clearly visible and protected from mildew and mould. We can offer you our effective cleaning services which are implemented with the help of specialised tools and supplies. Our staff use telescopic poles and purified water to get to the window sills, frames and glasses from the ground and wash them.

They implement excellent window cleaning which can be used by property owners in the Paddington, W2 area and nearby. We can assure you that your windows will be in perfect condition and rid of the dust after we sanitise and rinse them.

Window Cleaning Prices



  • One Bedroom Flat£17£40
  • Two Bedroom House£25£50
  • Three Bedroom House£30£70
  • Four Bedroom House£45£75
  • Five Bedroom House£60£100
  • Six Bedroom House£70£125

Window Cleaning Services Paddington

Professional Window Cleaning

Window cleaning procedures normally take a lot of time and energy which is why these activities are normally taken for some of the most unpleasant and boring cleaning chores. Now we offer you the perfect solution, as we provide professional window cleaning quotes on the territory of Paddington, W2 that are suitable for various customers.

Our cleaning company is one of the most experienced provider of qualitative window cleaning services in the area. We are among the most-preferred companies up to date primarily due to the fact that we can perfectly meet the highest sanitary standards of the area as well as the personal needs and requirements of our clients.

We used the cleaning services of your company earlier this week and I must say they really worth it. The cleaners washed the internal and external glasses, ledges and frames and they became pristine. Now we have a clear view of our house thanks to the professional work of your employees. – Alexandra

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    Window Cleaners W2

    Window Cleaning

    The window cleaning services we offer across Paddington, W2 truly come second to none as many satisfied customers will readily confirm. We are the perfect cleaning contractor for those of you who demand flexible scheduling, easy and quick booking, expert service at great rates and no-obligation estimates.

    We have opted for using water-fed poles and squeegees to insure no streaks are left behind. This automatically renders our approach eco-friendly as we clean windows with purified water only. Bulky ladders are almost never used as the poles allow our reliable cleaners to reach windows on upper stories with ease. Please make sure you give us a ring – we never disappoint!

    Professional Window Cleaning Services in Paddington, W2

    Window Cleaning Services

    Windows need washing every now and then to be clear and provide a distinct view from the property. You can use our affordable and efficient window cleaning services which we offer within Paddington, W2 to get the best results. Our employees are trained and can provide professional washing of all kinds of windows.

    They can get to the 6th floor from the ground using telescopic poles of carbon fibre and purified water. This leaves no smudges or stains on the glasses and doesn’t need the use of detergents. Some of the windows our cleaners wash with the help of ladders.