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If you need help with the washing of the windows in your home or property for rent use our cost-effective services. They include utilizing of carbon fibre telescopic poles which reach to the 4th floor and higher. The purified water which our staff use to wash the glasses, ledges and sills leaves no streaks washing and rinsing the surfaces well.

Take advantage of our affordable and professional window cleaning services available in Balham, SW12 and you will be pleased with the end result. Our company works seven days in the week and can ensure the spotless and impeccable condition of the windows in your home and commercial property.

Window Cleaning Prices



  • One Bedroom Flat£17£40
  • Two Bedroom House£25£50
  • Three Bedroom House£30£70
  • Four Bedroom House£45£75
  • Five Bedroom House£60£100
  • Six Bedroom House£70£125

Window Cleaning Services Balham

Professional Window Cleaning

Call our friendly operators now and make a booking for a top-quality window cleaning service. We are happy to say that our customers appreciate the efforts we put into delivering the best service and ensuring their satisfaction.

Neglected windows can make every home or office look as if it is too badly maintained. In order to avoid that, you just have to give us a call and we will restore the shine of your windows in no time. Our cleaners covering Balham, SW12 area, have the tools and detergents necessary for successful completion of every window cleaning project.

Since we started to use the window cleaning services provided by your company we have perfectly washed glasses, ledges and frames. The cleaners are real professionals and ensure the spotless and flawless condition of the windows in our guest house. We and our customers are very pleased with the results. – Reece

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    Window Cleaners SW12

    Window Cleaning

    Can’t cope with the cleaning of the windows in your home? Don’t risk to fall and get injured while trying to reach the external glasses and sills. You can use our services which will make your windows clearly visible and spotless. Our company can offer you top-quality window cleaning in Balham, SW12 at affordable prices.

    Use our services whenever you need help with the maintenance of your windows or one-off cleaning session. Our staff work with water-supplied telescopic poles of carbon fibre and ladders. They can ensure the impeccable condition of your windows. Call our customer centre or use our booking form.

    Professional Window Cleaning Services in Balham, SW12

    Window Cleaning Services

    The best way for keeping your windows spotless is by cleaning them as often as possible. Understandably, you cannot include window cleaning in your weekly cleaning list every time as it is a time-consuming process. However, you can assign this task to our experienced professionals and utilize your time for performing a more pleasant activity than dealing with the irritating streaks.

    We deliver window cleaning services in Balham, SW12 every day and we have been in the business for quite some time. Therefore, we know how to live up to the demands of our customers and deliver a top-notch cleaning service.