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Gardening Services

Our company has been specialising in providing professional gardening services to all residents of South Kensington, SW7 for several years now and has been known as a reliable partner for both home and business owners in the area. Our gardeners would love to help you get the job off your shoulders and will do all the procedures quickly and with great attention to the detail.

Whether you need your grass cut, your trees pruned, your hedges trimmed, our gardeners are able to give you helping hand. They are trained to deal with various problems and will comply with your garden’s specific needs for maximum effect.

Gardening Services

  • Basic Gardening£45/h
  • Lawn Mowing£45/h
  • Hedge Trimming£45/h
  • Tree Pruning£on request

Professional Gardening Services in South Kensington

Gardening Service

Every home owner wants a perfectly-maintained garden over the entire year, but the truth is that most people find the regular upkeep of their green outdoor areas too hard to handle. In addition, they usually do not have the necessary tools and equipment at their disposal, which makes it even harder for them to do the gardening maintenance properly.

We operate in South Kensington, SW7 for a few years now and we work only with the best gardeners in order to make sure our customers get maximum quality in return to their money. Our gardeners are trained, vetted and certified professionals and can do all the procedures quickly and carefully.

Since we started to use the gardening services of your company the lawn, trees, hedges and flowers around our property are in visibly better condition. They are rid of the weeds and pests, have become lush and flourishing. We have perfectly maintained garden thanks to the professional services of your company. – Corey

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    Lawn Mowing and Hedge Trimming SW7

    Professional Gardeners

    If you are sick and tired of doing all the gardening maintenance al by yourself, you should probably consider booking a professional company to take care of the job. So, in case you are based in South Kensington, SW7 and need some help with your home or office green outdoor areas, make sure you call us and book our gardeners to do the job for you.

    We operate in the area and its adjacent districts for a few years now and our gardeners are widely-known for their professionalism, hard work and attention to detail. They will do a preliminary inspection of your garden in order to make sure you get the best quality in return to your money and will guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

    Gardeners in South Kensington, SW7

    Professional Gardening

    The gardening services we deliver in the South Kensington, SW7 area are efficient and affordable. These are two of the main reasons for our popularity. Hundreds of owners of residential properties have already entrusted our gardeners and scheduled regular gardening visits all year round.

    We also take pride in maintaining the garden areas in several commercial properties where we are assigned all tasks required for the fantastic appearance of the garden. This include lawn mowing, landscaping, aerating, tree pruning, bush and hedge trimming, making flower beds, weed control, etc. Contact our operators for additional information at your leisure.