End Of Tenancy Cleaning Dollis Hill NW2

QualityCleaningLondon Ltd. provides professional end of tenancy cleaning services in Dollis Hill, NW2. Call us now and book your cleaner at the most affordable price!

The end of tenancy cleaning, which you need in your apartment, can be done by our professional cleaning staff, which will achieve brilliant results. The cleaning work they will do is thorough, extensive and will make every room sparkling clean. The Dollis Hill NW2 area is provided with high quality end of tenancy cleaning services. If you hire our competent and skilled cleaning staff, it will make your rented flat look like never before. The detergents and cleaning machines we use to clean your property are the latest and most reliable. Call us any time of the day and reserve the end of tenancy cleaning you need and the results will amaze you.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

  • Studio flatfrom £89
  • One Bedroom Propertyfrom £145
  • Two Bedroom Propertyfrom £165
  • Three Bedroom Propertyfrom £189

Guaranteed End Of Tenancy Cleaning In Dollis Hill

End Of Tenancy CleanerIf you hire our cleaners to look after the clean state of your flat, you will deliver outstanding cleanness and hygiene. The rooms in your apartment will be looking like new. All the detergents, cleaning machines and cleaning preparations are included in the price of your cleaning and provided by us. If you hire our cleaning staff to do the end of tenancy cleaning you need, they will:

  • remove the grease from the kitchen, polish and clean all surfaces in the rooms
  • clean inside and outside all kitchen cooking machines, freezing and washing appliances and devices
  • mop and disinfect the hardwood floor in the rooms and vacuum clean all carpets
  • remove the dust and grime from all glass surfaces, frames, sills and furniture
  • polish and scour the bathroom and toilet tiles, floors and douches
  • clean the sinks and taps in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet
  • scour and wipe clean the radiators, skirting boards, window sills and door frames

After we look after the clean state of every room in your flat, you will be ready to invite your new tenants. You can have your end of tenancy cleaning on very accessible price if you use our services. If you reserve it online or by phone and after we clarify all the details, concerning your cleaning, you will be visited and will receive the cleaning you need. Our services are adequate and our staff properly clean each customer’s flat and always bring the desired results. You can rely on our professional help any time you need qualitative end of tenancy cleaning.

Move out cleaning service at a customized price

If you’d like to book one of our cleaning services, please contact us and speak with one of our office representatives. They will assist you in booking the best cleaning solution for your needs, selecting the many duties necessary for your situation, and will take any special preferences you may have into account. All of these factors will have an impact on the pricing of your service – you will only be paying for the chores you receive. The customer support representative will include all of your requests into your bill and calculate a customised price for you. You will receive a statement detailing all cleaning chores included in your job, as well as a free pricing quotation. The figure will be final and you will know exactly what you are being charged for.

No matter where you are, we can assist you

Other cleaning services you can add

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaning – If the carpet in your new apartment hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and is clearly dusty or soiled, take your tenancy cleaning a step further with a professional carpet cleaning service. This type of service is provided by trained specialists who will use high-quality cleaning solutions and goods. Everything will be suited for the particular fabrics at your place. The steam cleaning method is incredibly strong and will effectively remove any stains and bacteria from the carpet fibres. The whole surface will be deodorised and disinfected. You may be confident that the cleaners will use the optimum method for the materials at hand.

Window Cleaner

Window cleaning – A complete window cleaning may substantially improve the clean looks of any property. Our specialists will work hard to clean and wipe down all windows at your new home, both inside and out. They will polish all areas using professional quality equipment and materials. All insect spots and other filth will be removed, and no streaks will remain. The house you moved into will appear cleaner, and more light will be able to enter, creating a pleasant, cheerful, and cosy atmosphere. If you want to add this service to your project, let your booking agent know in advance.

Pre-tenancy cleaning service

Cleaning may seem daunting if you are moving into a new apartment. A single individual generally does not have the time or energy to fully clean the entire home. If you find yourself in this situation, use our professional tenancy cleaning service. The cleaning crew will arrive well equipped and take care of everything swiftly. All that remains for you to do is move your personal stuff and organise them in your new, clean and disinfected flat. Call us as soon as you’ve decided on your new rental and we’ll send a team to assist you. That way, you can be confident that the entire property is clear of filth, dust, bacteria, and other contaminants that may have been left behind by the previous renters.

Other Services Prices

  • Carpet Cleaning (Not combined with other services)from£55
  • Window Cleaning (Not combined with other services)from£45
  • Pre-tenancy Cleaning from£89

Customers Speak Out

The approach of the office agents was friendly and nice. They helped me with the booking process and the quality of the cleaning was more than amazing. – Joseph Acosta

The time needed for the completion of the service was a lot less than I expected. Everything was perfectly clean and organised after the cleaners left. – Alicia Carroll

This company provided me with an amazing service in no time. I could not believe that I used to live in the apartment – it looked brand new. – Lloyd Snow