Professional Cleaning Services Brompton SW3

Woman Wearing Rubber GlovesQuality Cleaning London Ltd. provides professional cleaning services in Brompton SW3, London. Call our local cleaners to book a service.

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to walk the fine line between doing your professional duties with care and maintaining the condition of your home. It simply impossible for the majority of people to balance the two tasks, and usually it is the hygiene and appearance of the household that suffer. And even if you do have the time, but do not feel like cleaning up, why not call our cleaning company and have our qualified cleaning technicians do your work for you. This way you not only save your time for other activities, but make sure your home gets the best treatment it can.
In our company we do not hire people without first making sure they are capable and hardworking professionals with a lot of experience. We buy only the latest cleaning technology to equip them with, and the safest and most effective cleaning agents.

End Of Tenancy Clenaing

  • Studio flatfrom £79
  • One Bedroom Propertyfrom £137
  • Two Bedroom Propertyfrom £159
  • Three Bedroom Propertyfrom £181

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  • Hallway/ Landing carpetfrom £4
  • Armchairfrom £18
  • Bedroom carpetfrom £23
  • Living/ Dining room carpetfrom £25
  • Two seat sofafrom £30
  • Three seat sofafrom £45
  • Flight of Stairsfrom £25
Minimum call out charge £48

Hourly Based Services

  • Domestic Cleaning£14/h
  • One Off Cleaning£16/h
  • Deep Cleaning£18/h
  • Garderning Services£45/h

Hi, just wanted to thank you! I booked a cleaning session yesterday! The job was done perfectly, I am very glad.

We have a number of different options for you to choose from provided in Brompton SW3. We have sought to be as flexible as possible in order to cater to any potential clients.

Most people require a cleaning of their premises on a weekly or monthly basis. This is covered by our regular cleaning package which grants you a visit from one of our cleaning technicians however often you decide it is necessary. The aim of the regular cleaning package is to maintain the great shape of your home.

Getting the one-off cleaning package is your other alternative. It is useful to people who generally like to take care of their homes on their own, but have been forced to make an exception by some unforeseen circumstance. If this month you are unable to spare your home the usual attention, do not hesitate to call us.

We also offer deep cleaning. It is a procedure known for its scope and the results it gets. It is generally used to restore the appearance of homes, rather than to maintain it. It includes the thorough cleaning of all rooms in the premises. Even if your home is not unusually messy, deep cleaning is still something you can think of getting, since having a space deep cleaned once per year rids it of all the dust, germs and dirt that are otherwise left to flourish.

If you would like to get more information on other packages we offer, or if you want to know how to hire us, talk prices, etc. call us or come by our office.

About Brompton

The district of Brompton is in south London and forms a part of the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The area is surrounded by Old Brompton Road, Fulham Road/ Walton Street and the Brompton Cemetery. Brompton used to be an exclusive artist quarter and home to a large number of writers and artists.

Landmarks near Brompton include the likes of Royal Brompton Hospital, Natural History Museum, Brompton Cemetery, Royal Marsden Hospital, Holy Trinity Church and Victoria and Albert Museum. Major streets of Brompton are Fulham Road, Brompton Road, Kings Road and Old Brompton Road. Nearby places include South Kensington, Chelsea, Earls Court, Belgravia and Knightsbridge.

Notable residents of Brompton include John Banim, Elizabeth Billington, Dion Boucicault, John Braham, John Baldwin Buckstone, Alfred Bunn, Angelica Catalani, Muzio Clementi, John Payne Collier, George Colman, Thomas P. Cooke, John Cooper, Charles Dance, Mary Ann Davenport, William Farren, Edward Francis Fritzwilliam, Gerald Griffin, Anna Maria Hall, Doulas William Jerrold, James Kenney, Henry Lazarus, Gertrud Elisabeth Mara, Charles James Mathews, Arthur Murphy, George Augustus Sala, John Palgrave Simpson, James Vining, Alfred Sydney Wigan etc.