Carpet Cleaning Highbury N5

quality carpet cleaningProfessional Carpet Cleaning provided by QualityCleaningLondon Ltd. We operate in Highbury N5, do not hesitate to call us for a free estimate!

Nasty stains and spills on your carpet – they annoy you, but you know you cannot handle them by yourself. Well, you might find the following few paragraphs particularly interesting. If your soft floors need to be cleaned and you do not have the skills to do this, please, feel free to call us. We are ready to provide you, as well as all our customers no matter whether they are located in Highbury N5 or another part of London, with our exquisite carpet cleaning service. We are diligent and resourceful, we are kind and co-operative, and we are absolutely affordable. Call us now!

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  • Hallway/ Landing carpetfrom £4
  • Armchairfrom £18
  • Bedroom carpetfrom £23
  • Living/ Dining room carpetfrom £25
  • Two seat sofafrom £30
  • Three seat sofafrom £45
  • Flight of Stairsfrom £25
Minimum call out charge £48

Our Superb Carpet Cleaning in Highbury N5

Carpet cleaning is a service that is performed once or twice a year and we understand that our customers expect it to be done in the right manner. We guarantee that excellent performance and your full satisfaction is what we strive for. For that purpose, we only hire experienced technicians, whose skills are so many and so diverse that we can certainly claim that our carpet cleaning is the best offered in the city and that would not be an exaggeration.

Upon arriving at your premises, our employees will follow strictly a task list that consists of the following procedures:

  • Inspection of the carpets
  • Moving of furniture, if necessary
  • Preliminary treatment
  • The actual steam cleaning
  • Additional treatment of stains, if necessary
  • Final inspection before leaving the premises in the presence of the inhabitants

Carpet CleaningAs we have mentioned, we apply steam cleaning, for it is extremely effective and suitable for all types of fabrics. You also need to know that once our technicians are ready, they will place special pads under the furniture, so as not to stain the freshly cleaned carpets. And one final thing – we always opt for ecological products, which are toxic-free and biodegradable. Thus, your soft floors will be perfectly safe for you and your young ones to walk and play on.

Book with us and our industrious cleaners will deliver to you our excellent carpet cleaning at the most convenient for you time. They are available daily and cover all addresses without any exceptions all around Highbury N5 as well as the rest of London. Call us, for only our company is able to provide you with the comfort of a perfectly sanitised, fresh-smelling, fluffy, and bright-coloured carpet. What is more you are offered all these things at the most reasonable price – an opportunity not to be missed.

About Highbury N5

Highbury N5 is now known as Isilington. It used to be a part of Tolentone which was owned by Ranulf brother of Ilger. Highbury N5 used to be a really big area including Holloway Road and Canonbury. There was a manor house which is now one of the biggest attractions in the area. Back then it was located on what is now the east side of Hornsey Road.

After the decay of the manor, a new one was built (back in 1271) and it was called Highbury – this is where the name comes from.
If you are wondering why Highbury N5 sounds like you’ve heard it before, then you are probably a football fan. The stadium of Arsenal used to be here – it was built back in 1825. Another interesting thing you can visit is the Highbury Clock located north of the Highbury fields.