Carpet Cleaning Clapham SW4

quality carpet cleaningProfessional Carpet Cleaning provided by QualityCleaningLondon Ltd. We operate in Clapham SW4, do not hesitate to call us for a free estimate!

Have you wondered how many micro-organisms reside in your carpets, hidden in-between its millions of fibres? Well, we cannot tell you the answer and, frankly, we do not thing you actually want to know. Yet, we consider it our very own duty to tell you that we are able to eliminate them and provide you with healthy premises. Our company has a long experience in the provision of professional carpet cleaning services all around Clapham SW4. We are industrious, we approach the fabric coverings of your floors in the most careful manner, and we work with state-of-the-art equipment. That is, we are just what you need.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  • Hallway/ Landing carpetfrom £4
  • Armchairfrom £18
  • Bedroom carpetfrom £23
  • Living/ Dining room carpetfrom £25
  • Two seat sofafrom £30
  • Three seat sofafrom £45
  • Flight of Stairsfrom £25
Minimum call out charge £48

Our Extraordinary Carpet Cleaning in Clapham SW4

Carpet CleaningUnique. This is how we would describe our service. And we are not exaggerating. We treat every single carpet we are asked to clean in the most careful manner, depending on its type. Our service includes a careful pre-inspection that helps our technicians determine the most suitable method and detergents; the actual cleaning, which is performed by powerful, yet efficient, machinery; disinfection and deodorisation; final inspection in the presence of the customers.

In order to be able to provide the best cleaning, we:

  • Offer flexibility with appointments and payment methods
  • Work only with top-notch equipment and environmentally safe, 100% biodegradable products
  • Thoroughly train and check every single of our technicians
  • Operate daily, weekends and holidays are included
  • Guarantee complete removal of all kinds of stains and harmful micro-organisms

Book our carpet cleaning service in Clapham and let us make your carpets immaculately clean in no time. You will be able to walk on them almost immediately after our technicians have finished work.

Call our customer support centre for more details about what we offer. Our agents will answer your queries and listen to all your demands. Let your carpets be treated with the attention they deserve – choose us!

About Clapham SW4

Clapham is an area in southern London within the territory of London Borough of Lambeth. Its history can be traced back to the 1st century. Clapham was also recorded in the Domesday Book as Clopeham. Large country houses were build in the area during the second half of the 17th century. And Clapham was predominantly favoured by upper class English people for the next few centuries.

With the introduction of the railway system, the area turned into a suburb for commuters, travelling daily to central London. It gradually lost its popularity among the representatives of the upper class. In the 1980s and 1990s Clapham accommodated mainly middle class people. Nowadays, the area might be defined as a relatively affluent one.

The actresses Vanessa Redgrave and Lena Heady, as well as the author Angela Carter are some of the many famous residents of the area.

Clapham has extremely well-developed public transport networks which connect it to all other areas in London as well as the rest of the United Kingdom. Its residents are served by three tube stations – Clapham Nortth, Clapham Common and Clapham South. There are also three railway stations – located at High Street, Wandsworth Road, Clapham Junction. High Street is also known to be a popular shopping area.