Carpet Cleaning Kings Cross N1

quality carpet cleaningProfessional Carpet Cleaning provided by QualityCleaningLondon Ltd. We operate in Kings Cross N1, do not hesitate to call us for a free estimate!

Are you tired of hiding those awful stains on your carpet every time you expect guests? Fortunately, we have a solution for you. You are free to call us any time you want and we will arrive fully equipped and supplied to bring your textile floor to its pristine condition. But who are we? Our company is based in London and operates daily in Kings Cross N1 as well as the rest of the areas within the territory of the city. We take pride in our immaculate reputation that we have managed to maintain for years. Let us take care of your carpets and we will prove to you why we consider ourselves the best.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  • Hallway/ Landing carpetfrom £4
  • Armchairfrom £18
  • Bedroom carpetfrom £23
  • Living/ Dining room carpetfrom £25
  • Two seat sofafrom £30
  • Three seat sofafrom £45
  • Flight of Stairsfrom £25
Minimum call out charge £48

Our Impeccable Carpet Cleaning in Kings Cross N1

Carpets need to be cleaned with special attention. In the first place, we walk on them, spill different liquids or drop food, etc. In other words, we constantly stain them in various ways. And what is more, their fibres are so delicate, that they might be easily damaged if not treated in a proper manner. This is why we highly recommend that our technicians take care of your carpets. We guarantee that they are trained to cope with all kinds of dirt without causing any damage.

Our professional carpet cleaning includes:

  • Thorough pre-inspection, in order for our cleaners to be able to determine the most suitable treatment
  • The actual cleaning process – we usually apply our steam-based technique for excellent results
  • Disinfection and deodorisation, in order for all the bacteria and unpleasant odours to be utterly eliminated
  • Final inspection under our customers’ supervision, so as to make sure that they are content with our performance

Carpet CleaningAs we mentioned before, our reputation is important to us. This is why we do our best to provide you, our clients, with the most comprehensive service. For that purpose, we try to keep ourselves well-informed about the latest trends in the cleaning industry. What is more, our carpet cleaning is all green – we use water- and energy-efficient equipment and ecologically friendly products. This is why we can guarantee that we will not only make your carpet perfectly clean, but also safe for you and your family.

If you think we are what you need, feel free to call us any time you want and to book our service. You will be treated with the careful attention you deserve. Mind you, we operate daily all around London, more particularly in Kings Cross N1. Choose us, for only our company is able to make your carpets as clean and soft as they were on the day you bought them.

About Kings Cross N1

Kings Cross N1 is a district located in the central part of London, bordering Bloomsbury. It is divided between the Broroughs of Islington and Camden and thus, it is an inner city district. If you are wondering why the name sounds so familiar to you, then it is probably because you have heard of the railway station – one of the major gateways.

However, the area didn’t have that good reputation. People used to know it for as a run-down and a red-light district. The good thing is a raid regeneration started back in 1990 and ever since then the place’s reputation has immensely improved. There are many new hotels because the destination is good for business and the urge of new places for people to stay makes the construction business blooming in the area. More and more people are looking for both substantial and residential accommodation in this area.